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Titina: conquer the North pole with Roald Amundsen

Today we’d like to introduce a cute movie <Titina> at Anima festival in Brussels! From the eyes of Titina, we experience the historical expedition to the North Pole with famous explorer Roald Amundsen.

Roald Amundsen was a Norwegian explorer of polar regions. Amundsen and 15 other men in the airship Norge became the first explorers to have reached the North Pole on 12 May 1926. The movie <Titina> is about this famous expedition. Considering the extreme environment in polar regions and these achievements achieved in almost one hundred years ago, those explorers must be unique! In the book ‘Roald Amundsen: Conqueror of the South Pole’, Hans Olav Thyvold introduced Roald Amundsen as an independent leader who tolerated no opposition, a sportsman who wrote the strict rules and a man who measured greatness by his ability to stand alone. We also cannot forget Umberto Nobile introduced in the movie, who is the pilot of the Italian airship Norge.

Written by Xia Lin

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