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CANOE expedition

Climate chANge impacts on carbon cycling and fOod wEbs in Arctic Fjords

South Greenland, RV Belgica

The RV Belgica reaches Greenland on an expedition to study the impact of climate change on the nutrient cycle in Arctic fjords.


@ Louise Delhaye

Setting the scene

CANOE investigates how climate change will affect the carbon dynamics (production, mineralisation, transfer in food web and burial) in Arctic marine ecosystems. The project aims to characterize the oceanography, pelagic and benthic biogeochemistry, benthic ecology and food webs on an inshore - offshore gradient of two contrasting fjords in South‐Greenland: Igaliku fjord, dominated by a land‐terminating glacier and Ikersuaq fjord, dominated by marine‐terminating glaciers.

Physical characterisation of pelagic environment including hydrodynamical modelling

During the campaign, scientists will compile data of model boundary conditions in advance, including physical fjord oceanography and 2D hydrodynamic modelling.

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