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The Russian Arctic

Greetings from Arkhangelsk, Russia! This week’s Polar View is coming a little later than usual because I am attending the PhD workshop “Russia in the Arctic Dialogue: Local and Global Context” hosted by the Northern Arctic Federal Russian University (NArFU).

PhD workshops are a great way for students from different universities – and often different disciplines – to work together for a week or two on a common theme/interest. In this case, we are all focusing on Russia’s vision of and for the Arctic – which, given the size of the Russian Arctic, is an essential view point to understand. The Russian Arctic comprises half of the circumpolar region in both size and population* and has a wide range of mineral and natural resources.

Workshops like this create links between people and universities, encourage dialogues and often lead to further collaboration – a win-win situation for all!

photo ©dinabroderoger

*The Arctic has 8 member states: Russia, USA, Canada, Denmark (Greenland), Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Finland. Of the 8, Russia has the largest land area, the longest coast and the highest population in the Arctic region. Of a total population of 4 million people in the Arctic, the Russian population accounts for 2.4 million.

Written by Dina Brode-Roger

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