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Happy New Year!

That's it, the clock hand has turned, the belfry bells have rung: we are in 2023!

To all our readers and members of APECS, we wish you a very happy New Year. May it be filled with achievement, joy, love, health and hope. May it mark the publication of that paper you worked so hard on, the defense of that PhD that never seemed to end, that graduation you were waiting for. May it mark the fulfilment of a dream or the beginning of a new project. May it be filled with exciting fieldworks, thrilling studies, breath-taking discoveries. But let it also be marked by more simple and essential pleasures: love, lots of it, true friendships, quiet moments of reading with a cup of tea, invigorating sports sessions, refreshing walks by the sea or in the mountains. May it be filled with all those seemingly ordinary things that give all their flavor and meaning to the more extraordinary ones.

We start this new year with an ambitious and passionate team, solid and supportive, active and determined. In 2022, we were finally able to organize events in person after many months (years) of Covid, we built a great team, created a new web platform and wrote a whole new series of blogs. We have laid a good foundation for further development of APECS Belgium in 2023, but most of all, we are grateful to you, dear reader, for joining us on this adventure!

On behalf of the whole team, we wish you a very happy 2023!

The APECS Belgium team

Written by Louise Delhaye

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