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Funny Fact: How I ended up in the ice

My first time in Antarctica date back to 2016. At that time, I was performing experiments for my Master Thesis with macroalgae from the field, and I was lucky enough to be sent to the Antarctic Peninsula for that. My supervisor was in Europe, therefore we were keeping in touch through WhatsApp messages. It was at the very end of my experiments, that the pump that was taking the seawater to the lab broke out, but I really had to keep the experiment up for the last days, and I was afraid that my algae would die or would stress because of the dirty water. Therefore I asked what to do to my supervisor and she told me: suit yourself and go get the water. This is the story of how I ended up collecting 50L of water from the sea, with a bucket, within ice pieces, in Antarctica.

Written by Valentina Savaglia

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