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Confinement in science #7 : How does the life of a now confined teaching assistant change ?

May…Such a wonderful month ! Days are getting longer, birds are singing, the sun is there, SPRING IS THERE !

I am a teaching assistant in glaciology and geomorphology and, for me, May is also the period where I get to go on some field trips with my students!

Honestly, it is my favourite period of the year ! What’s best than teaching glaciology directly from the top of a glacier?!?

Every other year, we are packing our bags and travelling to Switzerland for a week to show the magical landscapes carved by glaciers to our bachelor students. It is an excellent opportunity to illustrate the geomorphological structures they have studied during the year and to initiate them to field trip measurements ! It is also a moment of intense and interesting exchanges with our beloved students.

Unfortunately, during those COVID times, we had to cancel our tour and learning by distance began. Teaching practical courses remotely on Microsoft Teams feels like teaching personalised stickers that light up when one of them wants to intervene. It is not ideal but it gives us the advantage of staying in our pyjamas or in our bed to work !

I really hope to get back to normal as soon as possible in order to teach again, in classes or in the best conditions ever : the field !

But for now, please stay home, take care and good luck to all students for their exams ! You rock!

Written by Elise Kazmierczak

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