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Yay! a new website for antarctica day

After several weeks of intensive work to rethink, brainstorm and identify the needs and objectives of APECS Belgium, we thought what better way to introduce our brand new website to the polar world than on Antarctica day?

Copyright: Marie Cavitte

We're more than excited to walk you through the redesigned pages and find out what you think about this new platform. With this website we want to honor the beauty and importance of polar and alpine regions by broadcasting all the excellent and fascinating Belgian research that is carried out in these regions. But beyond that, we want this platform to be made for you, to meet your needs and desires, to become a tool for anyone interested in polar sciences. For this, we value your opinions and comments so that together we can develop this new website to reflect our community!

Have a look around and find out who we are and what we do. Are you interested in learning more about polar and alpine research? Go and check out the blog or browse through APECS TV. Like what you see? Don’t hesitate to leave us a message.

But the release of our new website should not overshadow Antarctic Day 2022, the magnificent continent and the unique international collaboration it holds. In the light of the international geopolitical situation this year, it is even more important to remember the signing of the Antarctic Treaty and why it matters. For this purpose, we have prepared a quiz for you. Are you ready to test your knowledge? Stay tuned on our Instagram page today !

The Apecs Belgium team

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