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Welcome to our reading corner. From human stories to adventure, science and events happening near you, we've got everything you need to discover the Belgian polar world in all its forms.. Explore our different sections to find what you are looking for!




Unfreezing frontiers

These adventures that shape science

@ Christian Rohleder

"375 versus 39, those are the number of days the RV Belgica and RV Polarstern respectively spent in the Bellingshausen Sea along Antarctica’s West coast. Whilst the RV Belgica expedition was the first one to ever reach this part of Antarctica, the RV Polarstern had the unique opportunity to survey previously uncharted areas due to this year’s sea ice minimum."


Belgium's polar pulse

Events & opportunities at your door

@ Louise Delhaye

"Have you ever dreamed of venturing into the unknown? Wandering through a world of endless ice and white snow as far as you can see? Dare to challenge the elements and be as close to the polar nature as possible?"

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