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Tonight: opening of the seas & oceans immersive exhibition - Talk C.E.C + APECS Belgium

Tonight is the night: after months of work, the Seas & Oceans exhibition finally opens its doors!


"Mers & Océans" is an immersive exhibition in which you will have the opportunity to discover pieces of urban street art inspired by science. A poetic, multi-sensorial, lively and creative way to get to the heart of the issues affecting our seas and oceans. Talk C.E.C. turned the traditions of street art and conventional art galleries upside down by bringing science to their very heart in this exhibit. Throughout the corridors, you will have the opportunity to discover dazzling artworks born from an inspiring collaboration between artists and scientists.

Of course, APECS Belgium has added its little drop of water to this wide artistic ocean by joining forces with the artists association Wall Street Colors to bring to light some of the issues that polar waters are facing. And we are very proud of the outcomes of this collaboration, as it has resulted in in the painting of a stairwell that tells the story of the effects of climate change on the release of various elements in the marine ecosystem. But let's not take the magic away, we won't tell you any more about it to let you discover it by yourself tonight or until the 25th of June. With a little bit of luck, you might even spot one or two of our members.. keep an eye open, more info on this coming soon!

In addition to the various pieces of art, you will also have the opportunity to explore the atmosphere of this former porcelain factory and discover a place full of history in the heart of Brussels.


Opening on Thursday 20th April at 17-22h. Check out the amazing program of the night here, entrance is free!

Exhibition from 21st of April until 25th of June 2023.


141-143 Chaussée de Wavre, 1050 Ixelles-Bruxelles.

For more infos & to buy your tickets --->

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