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Don’t miss the Arctic Futures Symposium 2023!

As an Arctic researcher, you spend a lot of time in the field, behind your computer, or in the lab. You may come to understand better than anyone the intricacies of Arctic food webs or the formation of polygon structures in Yedoma permafrost. You are an expert on sea ice loss and glacier retreat. You know how landscapes will change in the coming centuries and you can predict the migratory patterns of Arctic wildlife. But sometimes, it’s difficult to stay in touch with the political and social challenges of living in the far North. How do Arctic communities and stakeholders envisage the future of the Arctic? How are they adapting to the rising challenge of climate change? How does our tumultuous political landscape affect the conversations we have about the future of our world’s northernmost regions?

Photo credit: Visit Greenland on Unsplash

If you’ve ever asked yourself these questions, if you’re interested in policy, or would simply like to learn more about Arctic cooperation, this is an event for you!

The Arctic Futures Symposium is a yearly meeting in Brussels organized by the International Polar Foundation. It gathers politicians, Arctic stakeholders, scientists, and local community representatives to discuss cooperation, politics, and challenges in the region. This year’s event will take place on November 28th and 29th at the Town Hall Europe in Brussels.

The major themes of discussion have been announced already:

  • Avenues for Arctic Cooperation

  • Managing the Challenges of a Changing Arctic

  • A Safe and Secure Arctic

  • Arctic Youth: Meeting Challenges and Creating Opportunities

  • Cultivating Arctic Communities

  • Implementing a Just Green Transition in the Arctic

There will be some side events as well, including a screening of short films by Arctic filmmakers at the BOZAR Centre for Fine Arts in Brussels on Monday, November 27th. Don’t miss it!

You can register for the Arctic Futures Symposium and find more info about the program and speakers here.

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