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APECS Belgium BRINGS POLAR SCIENCE to your school!

Today is the first day of Polar Week and when better to announce our exciting news…

>>>> WE ARE OFFERING TO COME VISIT YOUR SCHOOL over the course of the months of May through to July ! <<<<

What do you need to do? Just sign up for the lottery draw and the lucky four schools will be announced early April!!! Not selected this time? Don’t worry, we’re aiming to do this every year, this year is our pilot year!

We have prepared half a day of fun activities for either primary school levels or the last two years of secondary school: meet-a-scientists, discuss what polar science is being done in Belgium, play some polar-related games…The full descriptions are given on our dedicated webpage! ​You’ll also find a link to sign up for the draw !!!

What are you waiting for ? ;-)

*Note that this year, we will only be able to offer visits in French or English but we hope to offer activities in Dutch too in 2024, stay tuned!

The APECS Belgium team

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