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APECS Belgium attends A polar movie screening

Wednesday evening on the 13th of December was an enriching time for many of us from the APECS Belgium community. It started with the highlight of the evening, a screening of the movie 80 Degrees North – a documentary by Aurian Cerise, with all the markings of a thriller with the oh-so-beautiful visuals.

A polar explorer mannequin. PC: Marie Cavitte

At the entrance, we were welcomed by a polar explorer mannequin dressed up in polar gear, complete with a pulka. Then, Aurian, a photographer and filmmaker and Gaël Loicq, an experienced Belgian polar explorer, took us on a virtual journey which was a combination of fun, adventure, suspenseful, thought-provoking at times, and quite informative.

Gaël Loicq, during the expedition - A glimpse of the documentary. PC: Marie Cavitte.

At the end of the movie, Aurian unveiled his plans for a future expedition to Greenland. What makes this particularly thrilling for us as climate scientists is that he is open to and welcomes any exciting scientific collaboration. Aurian's willingness to merge the realms of exploration and scientific inquiry presents a unique opportunity for interdisciplinary collaboration, opening doors to potential research ventures that bridge the gap between adventure and academia.

Following the screening, a meet-and-greet session with the general public provided an opportunity for interaction. While Aurian engaged with some attendees, we took the initiative to introduce APECS Belgium to several of the audience members. This was also an opportunity to interact with our friends and collaborators, The International Polar Foundation, Belgium.

Finally, we transformed the occasion into an impromptu networking event, allowing for valuable connections and exchanges within the community.

Written by: Feba Francis

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