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Marianna Pinzone

Post-doc researcher
Oceanology Laboratory, FOCUS Research Unit, Université de Liège (ULiège)


My research interests encompass marine wildlife toxicology and the use of marine predators as sentinel species of their environment. My research focuses on the evaluation of biochemical and physiological responses of marine vertebrates exposed to organic and inorganic pollutants as well as the analysis of the effect of species ecology and global change on animal health.


Right now I’m working as an FNRS postdoctoral fellow at the University of Liege, on the effects of climate change on mercury (Hg) dynamics in Arctic fjords ecosystems (e.g. Svalbard, Norway) and local predators such as seals, polar bears and seabirds using the approach of the Hg stable isotope analysis.

From next year I’ll start a Marie Curie fellowship with the aim of developing a modelling tool for the forecast of future climate-driven changes in Arctic marine pollution.


In the future, I’m interested in developing my career towards the assessment of marine pollution-related environmental risks at the ecosystem scale, including socio-economical aspects (e.g. food safety and OneHealth approach).

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