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Eléonore du bois d'aische

PhD Student
Université catholique de Louvain

Graduated in June 2022 from a master’s degree in environmental Bioengineering and passionate about polar regions, I started a PhD at UCLouvain in October of the same year. I am currently working on improving our understanding regarding the impact of permafrost thaw and resulting hydrological changes on mineral – organic carbon interactions. I had the incredible opportunity to travel multiple times in the Arctic either for field missions (Norway, Sweden and soon Svalbard and Alaska) or for volunteering projects. As a result, becoming a member of APECS is a way to still be involved in a volunteering project on polar regions which I love while having less and less time working on my PhD which I am passionate about.

Raising awareness on climate change and polar regions and try and reach people from all ages and backgrounds are two key points close to my heart.

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