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Confinement in science #5: How does the life of a now confined lab-worker change?

A few weeks ago, Marie explained how her life as a confined modeler didn’t change much. Today, I’ll tell you how it changes pretty much everything for me…

I’m a “lab-worker”, which means my typical week is made up of work in the cold room and analyses in the lab. You can then guess that my PhD life has changed quite a lot these last weeks as I now spend most of my days sitting in front of my computer.

Even if my measurements are delayed and the schedule is getting tighter and tighter, I still consider myself as lucky because I have several datasets waiting to be analyzed. I’m not completely stuck. This confinement also allows me to (finally) take the time to read the papers that were accumulating in my “To read” list and to work on my own writing.

But let’s be honest: I can’t wait to get back to my cold room!

Written by Sarah Wauthy

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