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APECS Belgium kicks off for 2023-24!

A virtual kick-off meeting for more inclusivity this October! Screenshot with the consent of happy APECS Be members!

Two weeks ago, APECS Belgium had its kick-off meeting for the 2023-24 academic year, and it was lovely to see “old” faces again and welcome some new members from the north and south of the country!

It is our yearly tradition to have a meeting to introduce our goals and mission as an association to new faces in Belgian polar research! As an association for Early-Career scientists, there is a lot of turnover in our committee members, of course, and we have to get used to seeing some faces go… But it’s always exciting to see new recruits arrive! This year, we’re super lucky to have three new members (Coraline Leseurre, Rita Novo and Clara Ribeiro) from an institute we were not representing yet: Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ)! And another member (Jonas Van Breedam) from the VUB, which we were not representing yet either! It is great to now have more flemish-speaking members as we strive to be as diverse and representative of Belgian polar science as possible! We are also glad to welcome a fifth new member from ULiege, Christoph Kittel, who will grow our representation of the modeling polar world!

For this academic year, we therefore have members from VUB, ULB, UCLouvain, VLIZ, Ghent University, Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences (RBINS), ULiege and the International Polar Foundation! And maybe more to come 🙂

And, we are planning a whole lot of exciting events and activities, so stay tuned for more on here and our social media! We will definitely be holding the second edition of our annual networking event (see last year’s if you’re curious), there will be a documentary screening around Christmas with a Belgian polar explorer (more to come!!!), some school visits and more!

The 2023-2024 APECS Belgium committee post meeting. Great to see so many more little orange dots on the map! Figure credit: Mieke Sterken and Marie Cavitte.

Written by Marie Cavitte

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